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New Arrivals Are Here!

DOTS. By JE: Welcome

The Story of DOTS. by JE

Ma, this one is for you!

Affectionately called "Dot" by her family, my mother has been a true driving force behind my creativity and love for dance, cheer, and sewing! I admired her craftmanship as she would sew garments for my siblings and I when we were younger. Never afraid to let me express myself, she has always been my number one supporter!

DOTS are more than just bows, this hair bow line is for every little dreamer. Each DOT is a reminder that you can be whoever you want to be in your own time, that your crown has been placed and you have no limits.

DOTS add just the right amount of sweet with a pinch of sassy to enhance your baby girl's glow. With beautifully hand picked patterns and colors, the possibilities are endless!

Please, stay awhile and enjoy our collection!

DOTS. By JE: About Us
DOTS. By JE: New Collection
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